A Dallas County jury convicted a woman Friday of conspiring to commit murder when she and five others robbed an Oak Cliff drug house and one of the thieves killed a man.

Prosecutors Brandon Birmingham and Mindy Sauter say Callie Marshall wanted to rob the Polk Street drug house in December 2007 to bail her boyfriend out of jail. And, they say, she orchestrated the whole thing.

But the robbery and murder of Daniel Barron netted just $7 and cocaine.

Another man, Terome Omar Richardson, was found guilty of murder in April and was sentenced to life in prison. He shot Barron five times when Barron, who was also armed, opened the door.

Some of the five bullets that ripped through Barron's blue New York Giants jersey were fired from within a foot, according to testimony.

Defense attorneys Pia Rodriguez and Leon Haley Jr. didn't deny Marshall was at the drug house. But they told jurors in closing arguments that Marshall had no idea Richardson would kill Barron before they went into the house. That means, they argued, that Marshall should not be found guilty.

They also said that Richardson - not Marshall - was in charge.

"It doesn't sound like a plan," Rodriguez said. "It doesn't sound like a conspiracy. It doesn't sound like Callie Marshall was in charge of much."

But Birmingham and Sauter said Marshall had everyone reason to believe that Richardson would shoot Barron.

"This isn't some nice girl that got caught up with some bad Oak Cliff boys," Sauter told jurors. "This is a bad girl."

Two other men involved in the shooting have pleaded guilty to murder. Jesse Vasquez pleaded guilty in exchange for a 15-year sentence, and Issac Hernandez will be sentenced to from five to 25 years in prison. Cases are pending against Richardson's brother Michael Lynn Richardson and Kenard Camp.

The punishment phase of the trial will begin Wednesday.

Marshall faces five years to life in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.

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