PLANO The City of Plano is rewarding its residents for their water conservation efforts by giving them a water holiday.

Residents who are under orders to water only once every two weeks because of the ongoing drought have an extra day of watering coming up.

Steve Ciske said his parched lawn could use it. 'It's a little crunchy,' he said.

A water holiday is something new for Plano. The city has conserved nearly 40 percent recently, an abnormally high rate leaving a surplus in storage tanks.

'The problem is, if we don't do this, that water may become unhealthy to drink,' explained city spokesman Jerry Cosgrove.

The water collecting in those tanks is just sitting there. The old chlorinated water its ordinarily flushed out from fire hydrants, but that's hard to justify during a drought.

'And that's the thing we have to balance,' Cosgrove said. 'We don't want people to use too much water, but if they don't use enough then it impacts water quality.'

Water normally cycles out every two to three days. Recently, that number is up to seven days. So now Steve Ciske will get that extra day to benefit his lawn.

'They'll probably have the holiday and we'll forget all about it, because we're accustomed to watering every two weeks,' he said.

It's just one day, but if you live in Plano, you deserve it.

If your address ends in an even number, your water holiday will be Thursday, July 17; odd-numbered addresses get an extra watering day on Tuesday, July 22. Click here for complete details.


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