Martin Perez announced Saturday that he will undergo Tommy John surgery on Monday.

'I made the decision because my ligament is not 100% and I think it's the best decision for me now' said Perez. 'I'm young and I'll just go out for one year and I'll come back next year. I know it's not an easy decision for me, but that's just the only thing I can do. It's better for me, better for the team, and I've got four more years with this organization.'

After starting the season strong, Perez lost the last three games in which he pitched. However, Perez said that he didn't feel any pain until his last game against Boston, where he began to feel pain in his triceps. At that point, he had an MRI and knew he likely would have to undergo the procedure. Perez said that he talked to two of his teammates who had Tommy John surgery in the past, Colby Lewis and Joakim Soria, and they helped him with his decision.

'They told me it's not easy after you have the surgery' said Perez. 'But if you're strong in your mind, you can go and do what you need to do to be ready. I know that I'll be alright, because mentally I am good. I'm strong with my mind.'

Perez has never been the type of pitcher to throw for speed, rather focusing on his curveball and changeup, which should work to his advantage. For this reason, Perez believes that the surgery will have no effect on his mechanics, and that he will be able to get back to 100%.

'I need to focus on my force for a month' said Perez. 'After that, I have to focus on how I feel. I know what I have to do with my pitches. It's not mechanics. My mechanics are very nice, they are the best.'

As he enters an operating room for the first time in his life, the young pitcher left one final promise to his team and to all the Texas Rangers' fans.

'I'm just taking it step by step. I promise you guys that I'm going to be better, and I'm going to be strong. The only thing that I want to do is work hard, come in next year and help my team.'

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