DALLAS It's something we've seen time and again on holidays: Groups of motorcyclists shutting down Dallas-area highways.

On Sunday, a group of bikers was at it again.

Dallas police used Twitter to warn citizens about reports of more than 40 motorcycles stopping traffic and doing stunts in the northbound lanes of North Central Expressway.

Although we heard numerous reports from Dallas police about motorcyclists doing stunts along the freeway, we were unable to catch the motorcyclists on camera.

We did, however, find the police chopper hovering overhead, and officers found an abandoned bike near Central and Mockingbird Lane after the group dispersed.

Neighbors said they see and hear the motorcycles often.

'There's three people on two bikes pulling out of that garage back there, circle around, wait for the gate to open, come out, then down the street it goes,' said Michael Friedhoff.

Neighbors said some of the bikes they've seen bear no license plates.

Police said they never pursued Sunday's group of cyclists on the ground.

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