WEST -- There have been so many stories about heroes following the deadly blast in West one year ago. For the first time on Thursday, News 8 heard from possibly the littlest one: a 5-year-old boy inside the apartment complex that was flattened by the explosion, where two people died.

Brayden McCowan has got a lot to say. But when you get right down to it, he's more a little man of action.

'Boom. Sounded like that. Like a volcano was erupting,' he said.

One year ago, Brayden was in his family's apartment with a babysitter, along with his little brother Kaegen and friend Nikota.

After the blast the sitter was trapped and Brayden's little brother was buried under insulation.

'Cause I heard him screaming and I followed the voice of him. And he was right by the way and I was getting all the smoke away from him. I standed him up and we ran down the stairs with Nikota. Then he let go my hand and he went back in the apartment and I had to go get him and then we went back down the stairs together and that's how it ends,' he said.

Brayden's mother, Cherrie, hurried to the apartments and found the boys outside safe.

'He's my hero. And that I have his little brother because of him,' she said.

Brayden's proud of what he did in apartment unit 209, and he's happy to tell you about it.

Brayden's mom says they were watching the WFAA documentary, 'Rise Up, West,' about the recovery happening in the town, when Brayden asked his mom, 'Why aren't I on there? I'm a hero, right?'

So she called us and it's a story we couldn't wait to tell.


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