Landon Haaf creates a visual representation of FanGraphs' ZiPS projections for the Texas Rangers' Opening Day roster in 2014. Prince Fielder is projected to have the best season at the plate with 30 home runs and 101 RBI, while Adrian Beltre is projected to have the highest batting average at .297.

FanGraphs explained ZiPSprojections as follows:

The work of Dan Szymborski over atBaseball Think Factory, the ZiPS projections uses weighted averages of four years of data (three if a player is very old or very young), regresses pitchers based on DIPS theory and BABIP rates, and adjusts for aging by looking at similar players and their aging trends. It's an effective projection system, and is displayed at FanGraphs for off-season and in-season projections.

For the ZiPS projections for all the Rangers' players, check out the team's FanGraphs page.

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