DALLAS The United States Post Office is investigating a Preston Hollow branch over Christmas cards that were never delivered.

Sixteen days ago, a customer says she mailed her cards from the Preston Station and says no one's seem them since. And if you're the kind of person who sends out Christmas cards, then you know how Elizabeth Wilson feels.

'It's our opportunity to reach out to these other family members and say, 'Hey, we're thinking of you.We hope that this year brings you joy'And we couldn't do that.We couldn't do that,' said Wilson.

Wilson says she dropped her cards in the blue box outside the branch on December 1.

'We've never seen them again.Nobody's seen them again,' she said.

Wilson says she went back to the post office three separate times looking for answers.The last time, she was told the branch manager had been fired.

'I said, 'What about my letters? Is there something you can do about my holiday card?'And he said, 'Frankly, ma'am, there are thousands of pieces of mail missing and I don't know what to tell you,'' said Wilson.

Wilson filed a complaint with the United States Post Office's Office of Inspector General. Late Tuesday, the OIG confirmed it is investigating but that won't bring back all the joy she hoped to spread to friends near and far.


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