FORT WORTH A Fort Worth man with a dozen prior convictions was sentenced on Wednesday to 99 years in prison for raping a child and attempting to sell her for sex.

Ricky Davis, 30, will serve two consecutive 99-year terms. It took the jury just 19 minutes on Wednesday to convict him in the case, which is believed the first human trafficking trial prosecuted in Tarrant County.

District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Melody McDonald said Davis knew the 12-year-old he was convicted of assaulting since she was a baby. Prosecutor Eric Nickols told the jury that Davis was 'an uncle-like figure in her life.' He attended church the morning of August 19, 2012 with the girl and her family and then gathered at their home afterward.

Later that day, Davis invited the victim to his east Fort Worth residence, where he lived with his girlfriend and her three children. McDonald said he sent them to run errands after the girl arrived and raped her before they returned. Afterward, he took her to a bar in the 3300 block of East Lancaster Ave. and told her to say 'yes' to any man he brought to the car.

The prosecutor said he told his victim 'that she was going to make him some money.'

Davis went into the bar and told two men that he had a young girl in his car who would have sex with them for $50. The two went outside, but turned Davis down upon seeing how young the girl was. One of the men, McDonald said, told the bouncer, who rescued the girl from Davis's car and hid her in the bar until police arrived.

'This defendant praised Jesus with the girl and her family that morning, then raped and tried to sell her that night,' Nicols said in a prepared statement. 'That is utterly revolting.'

Davis drove home and was confronted by his girlfriend about where the girl was. In response, he assaulted and choked her, McDonald said.

The jury was told in the punishment phase that Davis was a gang member and had 12 previous convictions for robbery, burglary and assault. He also had a tattoo of a middle finger on his neck with the phrase, 'A hole since 1983' under it.

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