Matthew McConaughey continues to show why he's an actor to be reckoned with. His new film leads off what's new at the movies this weekend.

"Mud" is the best movie so far this year Southern-fried filmmaking at its finest.

McConaughey stars as a charismatic fugitive camped out on an island. He charms two boys into helping him gather supplies and contact his one true love, played by Reese Witherspoon.

Young Tye Sheridan's romantic notions blur reality and lead to heartbreak. He and director Jeff Nichols are two to watch!

"Mud" is rated PG-13.

The iron is pumping and the steroids are flowing in Michael Bay's action comedy "Pain & Gain."

Mark Wahlberg is in his element as a personal trainer with big goals and little brainpower in 1990s Miami.

Ditto his bodybuilding partners in crime: Born-again ex-con Dwayne Johnson and sex-challenged Anthony Mackie. They devise a scheme to extort from a client and steal the American Dream.

The story is so crazy but it's true! "Pain & Gain" is rated R.

"The Big Wedding" is a surprisingly racy romantic comedy, a remake of a French farce.

Divorced couple Robert DeNiro and Diane Keaton pretend they're still together for the sake of their adopted son. He's getting married, and his birth mother is a strict Catholic.

The problem? DeNiro's been living with Susan Sarandon for years!

"The Big Wedding" features a star-studded supporting cast and is rated R.

And talk about a dilemma a middle-aged man was a sperm donor in his youth, and let's just say he made frequent deposits under the code name "Starbuck."

He finds out he's the biological father of more than 500 kids, and many of them are now suing to track him down. Oops!

Vince Vaughn has bought the rights to remake this French-Canadian comedy, which is rated R.


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