FORT WORTH NASCAR drivers compete with other drivers and they compete with the clock.

On Tuesday, they raced the weather.

A handful of drivers were at Texas Motor Speedway to do as much testing as they could before the rain came, including current star Kasey Kahne and future star Kyle Larson.

"In everything that he's raced so far he's won, he's been fast," said Kahne. "He's learned quickly in this series, and it's fun to watch him progress... and he'll win one soon."

Larson joined the Nationwide series this year after driving anything and everything last year. He raced more than 120 times in 2012, in twelve different series.

Tony Stewart, one of NASCAR's best drivers, has no doubt that Larson will have a highly successful career on the track.

"You can bet the farm on it," Stewart said back in February. "I guarantee it. If not, you can take everything I own, because I'm that confident."

Stewart made that statement before Larson beat him in a race a couple of weeks ago.

Larson flew on Stewart's private plane to a dirt track Stewart owns, and then beat him in a World of Outlaws race. Along with Larson's potential is his heritage he's half Japanese. If he is good enough, NASCAR could have a unique crossover star on its hands.

"It's not really a big deal to me," said Larson, whose mother is Japanese. "But if I could get more Japanese fans in NASCAR, I think that'd be great."

At this point in his career, the 20-year-old Larson is best known for being the driver whose engine flew into the stands during a race at Daytona in February.

If he ends up being as good as Tony Stewart and others think he will be, that event will be nothing more than a footnote in a long and decorated career.


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