CLEBURNE -- Donny Hinshaw of Cleburne says what happened to him on May 23 was unfair.

The video, which is now quickly gathering views on YouTube, shows a Cleburne motorcycle officer using a Taser on Hinshaw. A family member requested a copy of the video from the responding officer's body cam.

He had no justification for using the Taser on me, Hinshaw said.

Before the incident, Hinshaw was involved in a hit-and-run accident. Police identified him as the suspect and reported that he left the scene of the accident. Hinshaw disagrees with that police report.

He also disagrees that he evaded police, another charge he is now fighting.

The Cleburne police report shows the driver of the vehicle was shaking his head back and forth and refused to pull to the side of the roadway. Hinshaw alleges that he was trying to find a safe spot to pullover, and only drove one block before stopping for the officer.

The video shows the arresting officer asking Hinshaw to put his hands on the truck. It was nine seconds after that order that the officer used his Taser.

Most policies are going to require some sort of physical resistance to the arrest in order to deploy a Taser, said legal expert Pete Schulte.

Cleburne police were not available for comment on their use-of-force policy. It did provide a statement saying, we have not received any complaints on this incident.

Hinshaw has given the video to his attorney. He will be fighting both the hit-and-run and evasion charges.


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