DALLAS -- News 8 broke the story of skyrocketing noise complaints aimed at Love Field by nearby neighbors.

They claim there's a huge increase in planes taking off from the east runway, along Lemmon Avenue, and flying over their homes. Thursday, we found out it is not their imagination.

There are two runways at Love Field, a west side and an east side. In April, they opened a new terminal which has caused drastic changes, and after four days of asking we finally have data from the city to prove it.

Before the terminal opened, about one-third of the traffic was on the east runway. But after the terminal opened, about two-thirds of the traffic is on the east runway.

We ran the numbers, and that means a 131-percent increase in traffic.

All this week, we've been hearing from folks that live in Dallas and Highland Park that are outraged. Now we know why.

Love Field officials say the sound impact could continue for another 18 months during continued construction at the airport. That's when the Wright Amendment expires, and longer flights can take off from Love Field.


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