Madness is in the air, and only one thing is responsible: college hoops. Every year, companies consistently suffer during the first week of the tournament. Why? Because their employees' time and focus is diverted toward The Big Dance. Others place bets with their buddies in hopes they have Bracketology down to a science. Whether you re rooting for a power house or the underdog, it s a time for basketball fans to gather.

It s one of the few times when the Cinderella is picked to win. This March has already had its fair share of David and Goliath tales. Some were expected and didn't inordinately shock anyone. Others destroyed the brackets of hundreds of thousands of sports fans.

Two seeds expect a degree of safety in the tournament's opening round. That hope bore no fruit this year. Ohio State and Kansas both took care of their games and will continue on their journey, but the same can t be said for Missouri and Duke. The madness started with Mizzou s loss to Norfolk State. Some expected the Tigers to lose to the Spartans -- but the Spartans they thought could beat them hail from Michigan State, not Norfolk State.

Lehigh s upset against Duke is said to be one of the biggest in tournament history. The loss created such a national ripple that Lehigh's website crashed a result of an entire nation searching for background on who the Mountain Hawks were.

At this point in the tournament, no one is safe. That s the beauty of the Big Dance. A team can go from zero to hero in the last two minutes of a game. They can bring life to a program on its deathbed and restore -- or rob -- the hope of the most prestigious basketball institutions. You never really know what will happen until it does. That must be why they call it March Madness.

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