It's interesting that everybody is now paying attention to DART safety. It's just too bad somebody else had to die before the transit agency decided it might have a crime problem.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

When the idea of a regional transit agency was sold to member cities in the early 1980s, opponents warned it would simply increase crime in their cities. But DART supporters pledged the transit agency would have its own police force to protect riders.

What happened Tuesday was coming in some city, sooner or later.

Just last month, a man was shot during an argument at a station in downtown Dallas. Before that, a 19 year old was pushed under a moving DART train in Fair Park.

People were surprised about those incidents, but they got nowhere near the reaction we're seeing now. There was no offer of federal or member city assistance in cracking down in criminals.

Government officials can't say they didn't see this coming. Riders warned us all.

Back in December, they complained in the Dallas Morning News that they ...virtually never see DART police step out of their cars. We've been watching the rails since Tuesday. Neither do we.

The new talk of letting any uniformed officers ride for free is a good start.

Perhaps the time has also come to park some of those DART patrol cars, and get the officers riding the buses and trains during their shift.

Make no mistake - someone else will commit a crime on a DART bus or train. Soon, it would be nice to know that law enforcement will be at least a stone's throw away when people need it.

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