DALLAS The Dallas Police Department is not allowing any further days off or vacations for officers on September 11.

There will be heavy police presence at potential targets like Love Field, downtown buildings and special events.

On that day 10 years ago, downtown Dallas buildings were evacuated. People feared they could be the next target of terrorism.

Buck Revell, a former FBI Special Agent in Charge in Dallas and a terrorism expert, knew exactly what was happening when he saw the second plane hit the World Trade Center in New York.

Of course, immediately I knew it was a terrorist attack and it was al-Qaeda, he said.

Revell tracked al-Qaeda for years, but now on the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks Revell says law enforcement is better prepared to stop it.

There are now 106 joint terrorism task forces and fusion centers across the country, monitoring information and intelligence coming in.

That's how the FBI caught on to Hosam Smadi, the man who tried to blow up Fountain Place, a downtown Dallas skyscraper, in 2009.

This year on September 11, the FBI, Dallas police and state agencies will closely monitor potential targets. Anything from NFL football games to a political rally will have maximum coverage, Revell said.

The city will be on high alert. Everything from the water supply to mosques and synagogues will merit extra patrols.

Officers and agents will watch for any signs of trouble. The fear isn't a big terrorist organization like al-Qaida striking here, but rather the lone wolf who might try something.

Everything humanly possible is being done and will be done to see that it's not successful, Revell said.

Dallas police will have its fusion center open at headquarters. It is capable of monitoring the city with cameras and can also monitor what people are saying in social media. They will also have a helicopter aloft to watch what's happening on the ground.


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