Q: If I spoke Spanish I would know what the weather was going to do. In other words: English needs to be the prominent language on the screen. Thank You

A: Thank you for taking the time to write. Not exactly sure what you are referring to when you say on the screen. Do you mean our weather crawls that appear in both English and Spanish? If that s the case, let me give you our rationale on that issue. Informing viewers about potentially deadly severe weather headed their way is a public safety issue and takes precedence. In north Texas a significant portion of the population speaks Spanish exclusively, thus we provide on-screen information. We know that bilingual and Spanish speaking viewers will turn away from other stations to WFAA coverage during severe weather. To that end, as public servants we have a responsibility to provide information such that it is clear, reliable and timely. We do not air breaking news crawls in both Spanish and English -- however, severe weather is a different issue since it involves personal safety. Again, thank you for your comments and taking time from a busy schedule to write. We very much appreciate it.

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