FORT WORTH A violent domestic disturbance left a South Forth Worth neighborhood in shock Monday afternoon.

According to police, a man went to a residence in the 7600 block of Chance Boulevard around 12:30 and killed Natasha Robertson, his 29-year-old girlfriend. He then turned the gun on her 30-year-old friend Donille Howard, who also died.

The 47-year-old gunman, who was identified as Darren Clemmons, then shot himself dead. And it all happened in front of the victims' four young children.

Robertson and Clemmons had reportedly been arguing for weeks over some furniture.

He was just really upset about his stuff. He wanted his stuff out, and the police kept telling him basically he couldn't get it; that he would have to take them to court, one neighbor told News 8.

The victims' friends said the gunman ran into Robertson's home and shot his girlfriend and her friend at close range just inside the front door. Four young children were also inside, but unhurt.

They said the baby would not leave from by her mama's side, a friend said. She closed her eyes, she pulled her dress down. She sat there and she said, 'Mama, where are you shot at?'

Witnesses said Clemmons had been waiting outside the home for hours. Police confirmed they had responded to a disturbance at the address earlier on Monday, but left because no crimes were being committed. Officials would not provide specific information about what happened at the disturbance earlier in the day.

Now family members wish more could have been done.


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