DALLAS - Dallas city officials Thursday said that 200,000 people attended the Mavericks victory parade with no major incidents or injuries.

Fans came downtown to celebrate the Mavericks NBA Championship.

Later, Dallas Police Chief David Brown and other top officials at the city celebrated how the fans behaved and the plans went off.

Without question, the citizens conducted themselves first class, he said.

Among the big concerns as people waited for hours was the heat. While some wilted, Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedics on bikes rolled nearby.

We've got plenty of ice bags and IVs if they need it or whatever they may need in case they get overheated, said paramedic Tony Aguilar.

The other challenge was traffic. Those who came early, like Carmen Marshall, did fine.

So, about seven o'clock is when I came down and the police were already in place and they were kind of directing traffic, she said. So, you knew exactly where to go; so it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

DART added more buses and ran trains every 10 minutes.

As the parade rolled by, fans stayed behind barricades and players like Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry rode high enough to be seen. R.L. Sneed was happy with the view.

Everything was just fine, Sneed said. You could take pictures. I got pictures of both of them.

Police assigned 540 officers to the parade and later reported just three arrests.

Those watching and participating, such as Mavs owner Mark Cuban, thought it was a perfect ending to a championship season.

Everybody coming out like this, you know, it makes you realize that it's not just ours, he said. It's not our team, it's not the Mavericks team, it's everybody's team.

Two-and-a-half hours after the parade started, crews picked up the barricades and the route re-opened to traffic.

Among all these people, sometimes it s the little stories that count.

Six children were separated from their parents in the huge crowd, but were all reunited with their families later by officers.

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