DALLAS Students at Seagoville High School tell News 8 that chaos in the classroom is nothing new.

On Monday, WFAA broadcast video taken by students that showed one teen punching another during math class as their teacher looked on.

The incident left 17-year-old Michael Milczanowski bruised, and he promised never to return to Seagoville High.

This kid was actually trying to hurt me, and I could see it in his eyes, he said.

Milczanowski and other students say this type of incident happens more than you might expect. Students tell News 8 that fights at Seagoville High are a weekly occurrence.

I saw a fight at the cafeteria, said one student who did not wish to be identified. I don't know much about it, but I think kids think it's cool to beat up each other for street credit or whatever.

After a quick search on YouTube, we found at least half a dozen videos allegedly depicting brawls on the SHS campus, all apparently recorded by students with cell phones.

One showed two boys punching each other in the bathroom.

Another showed girls fighting in the hallway.

In nearly all of the videos, others are seen cheering on the combatants.

Students said teachers rarely step in to break up these fights.

Some of the teachers, they don't really care if it really happens. They can't really do nothing much to stop it, said one unnamed student.

The Dallas ISD concedes that fights have been an issue in the past at Seagoville High. The district said it has made safety improvements, but although there's no district-wide policy, administrators actually discourage teachers from physically trying to stop fights.

Each situation is going to be different, said DISD spokeswoman Paige Collins. We're promoting that the teacher not get directly in between the punching of students. Now, should an adult know the kids well enough that they can get them separated, that's one thing, but we really want to keep the staff safe as well.

YouTube has now removed most of the fighting videos.

The Dallas ISD says this is a major concern for them, and they are still investigating.

Administrators said the student involved in the most recent fight has been punished, and his teacher has been placed on leave.


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