They're smiling at that Kansas church following the Supreme Court decision that they have a right to protest at the funeral of fallen servicemen. Strange as it sounds, I think they're right. It's this week's uncut commentary.

It's not that I agree with the folks at Westboro Baptist. You've seen them and their signs before, preaching all that roadside hate.

They're not there because they respect the serviceman or woman who died, or their family. They go to the funerals because that's the only way they can get any attention from regular people - a respectful public attempting to comfort a broken family at their most difficult hour.

The court is right. Though the church message is offensive, though it is hard to imagine Jesus on the side of the road waving one of those signs at a mother standing next to her child's open grave, if he did do it, he would have the right.

It's what makes us us, and not Khadafy.

Ii mean, imagine the reception they would get trying this in Libya or North Korea.

The best way to deal with the folks like this isn't some law by some judge restricting everybody else's right to do something. It was identified long ago by the motorcycle escorts at those funerals. The Patriot Guard Riders shield families from opportunists like the protesters. The louder the protesters get, I'm sure the louder the motorcycles revs were, which is of course every motorcycle riders' right.

We cherish free speech here, even if among some it sounds more like free screech.

My thoughts, tell me yours:

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