FORTWORTH - Range Resources met with the Environmental Protection Agency Wednesday and continued to defy an order to come up with a plan to test all water wells within 3,000 feet of wellbore tracks from a Parker County drilling site.

The site, the agency said, contaminated two southern Parker County water wells. The order also required a plan to test all wells in nearby Lake Country Acres, a public water system. Range is instead using soil testing to guide decisions on further water well testing. The company has also said it will test water wells upon the request of homeowners.

An EPA spokesman said the agency is evaluating its next steps.

Range remains adamant its activities did not cause the contamination. This week, the company sent News 8 pictures from 2005 as evidence there were problems with natural gas in the well water before it began drilling in 2009. The photos show natural gas being burned off from a water well near the two water wells that are currently contaminated. The water well driller hit natural gas while drilling and had to plug the well.

The EPA contends, however, that the two water wells it's focusing on functioned for several years without a problem, and only showed signs of gas contamination after Range Resources began producing gas in the area.

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