DALLAS - At Sunday's White Rock Marathon, some of the athletes participating in the race also treated patients.

On a day when so many athletes challenged themselves to do their best, another group was just as competitive as they worked hard behind the scenes.

A volunteer medical team comprised of 25 nurses, four respiratory therapists and nearly a dozen physicians worked at an emergency room type triage set up inside the Automotive Building at Fair Park. However, those team members also ran the 26-mile marathon.

With 22,000 people running, it's hard to be sure people get the care they need in the middle of the race, said Dr. Scott Quinby, one of the members.

Even though marathon running has its hazards, Quinby said it was most often blisters, sore muscles and fatigue cases they treated. Anyone suffering more serious problems like hypothermia, cardiac arrest or asthma was to be ushered onto an ambulance.

We want to make sure they get the care they require, Quinby said.

It's a relief for marathon volunteer Serena Lambese.

I'm here because my toes got to where I can't feel them at all, she said while waiting for treatment.

She was treated and released in good condition, as were the 142 others that were looked after by the team.

I'm feeling much better already, said Shirley Barbaro, another grateful runner.

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