LUCAS - Lucas Christian Academy is bursting at the seams, struggling to make do, while trying to make room for more students.

So, school officials turned to Facebook to win a cash prize.

On Saturday, the small school got a huge boost, one putting them years ahead of schedule on ending overcrowding.

Lucas Christian Academy is so small, the football team has to squeeze into an old school bus called Moses, which is a makeshift locker room for players.

All of us - the JV, the junior high and varsity will have to cram into the bus to get on our pads, said Preston Page.

And, with new families moving into the Lucas community, space at the school is hard to come by.

So, the school did what they had to do, driving people to Facebook to change their future.

It's always amazing how you can always get a cheer when you can bring $500,000 to a party, said Doug Gordon, district manager of Kohl's.

On Saturday, there was a celebration.

Parents and students, who worked relentlessly to win 11 million votes on Facebook in the Kohl's Cares contest, cheered as the $500,000 check was delivered.

They gota look at drawings of what the money will buy - a 30,000 square foot building with new offices, classrooms and a gym with a stage.

That's because all of Texas rallied behind us and helped thislittle school have our dream come true, said Dean of Students, Julie Montgomery.

Already,the deed has been burned. School officials handed over the check to the bank - the $500,000 pays off the land the school will be built on, thanks to the click of a mouse.

School officials expect to break ground for construction of the new school in April.

That puts them several years ahead of their original construction plans.

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