We're rolling with the Cowboys on their way to San Diego. Its an old school trip aboard an Amtrak train. The media is along for the ride as the team heads south from their training camp home in Oxnard to face the Chargers in preseason game number three.

I haven't been on a train trip since I was 5 and have to say its not nearly as bad as I initially thought it would be. The ride is smoother than you could ever expect, and really is stress free.

We're told the trip takes about four hours, and the only issue so far so is having to stop as you go through the LA station. The car designated for the media is a little warm, but as one Cowboys staffer told us you have to deal with heat at some point during training camp. I'll take it, as long as we can get back to the temps in the 70's and 80's back in Oxnard.

This is the second train trip for the Cowboys - they made it two years ago the last time they came to California to train.

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