Massage Parlor Shut Down

DALLAS - The Dallas city attorney's office obtained an emergency order this week to shut down a northwest Dallas massage parlor accused of housing a prostitution ring involving underage girls.

Two of the girls, runaways from California, were taken into custody in September during an undercover sting at the Golden Flower Spa. A third was taken into custody last month. Five adults face charges.

The involvement of the juveniles led officials to take unusual steps to quickly shut down the spa at 10217 Harry Hines Blvd., Assistant City Attorney Melissa Miles said.

"Of course that hightened the sense of urgency for everyone in this case," Miles said. "We needed a way to lock that place down immediately."

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday, the city asked for a restraining order on the grounds that the business had no certificate of occupancy, Miles said.

"We had been in discussions with the property owner, who I think didn't do what he needed to do sometime ago," she said.

On April 17, an undercover Dallas police officer entered the spa. He was met at the front door by a 14-year-old girl and 19-year-old woman, Jessica Cullen, according to a police report. Both wore short pink dresses.

The officer pointed to a sign posted by the door: Couples for $170. Did that mean two girls, he asked.

"Yeah, I guess, we're the only two girls here," Cullen replied, according to police. "Do you want us?"

After a short massage and a brief negotiation, the two teens agreed to perform oral sex on the officer, police say.

Cullen and another woman, Draylon Johnson, 24, were arrested on charges of compelling prostitution, accused of arranging the prostitution of a child. Kandie Morehead, 27, was issued a citation for not having a massage license.

The 14-year-old was also arrested. Juveniles at risk are often arrested on minor charges to get them into custody and make sure they get help.

In September's sting, two women, Angelina Soeung, 18 and Jamarian Hewitt, 22, were arrested on charges of compelling prostitution.

The Golden Flower is among many massage parlors in the city that have been housing prostitution, said Deputy Chief Jan Easterling, who oversees the police's narcotics and vice division.

The department wants to put them on notice, she said, "especially when we find that juveniles are being prostituted out of these."

"We're going to be looking," Easterling said. "We're going to be looking closely."

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