AUSTIN, Texas -- Five top campaign aides to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Farouk Shami have resigned.

Former press secretary Charlie Ray confirmed the resignations Wednesday to the Austin American-Statesman.

Ray said campaign director Vince Leibowitz was among the aides who resigned a day after Ray and Shami gave conflicting information about the roles of aides David Diaz and Jessica Gutierrez. Both had been issuing press releases on behalf of the campaign.

After an internal campaign e-mail questioning Diaz and Gutierrez was inadvertently sent to reporters, Ray said neither was authorized to speak for the campaign. Later, Shami said both had permission to give such statements.

Ray says he was surprised by the roles of Diaz and Gutierrez, that his services were clearly in conflict with theirs and that working with Shami was challenging.

Leibowitz says he still plans to vote for Shami -- he just can't work for him.

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