GARLAND - Tuesday morning's Our Neighbor believes in the ultimate concept of teamwork, togetherness and brotherhood.

The young men, and one young woman, make up the Garland High School stepteam.

It's rhythm, said Keith Swanson, the stepteam director. It's self expression through clapping and stomping.

It's pretty much music; you're making your own music, said Chris Casanova, a stepteam member.

To the Garland High School Owls, stepping isn't just a dance, it's a form of communication. It's also a way to stay focused on something positive after school.

What's it's done for me is get me out of things I'm not supposed to be doing, Casanova said. Its a constructive way to occupy my time other than just sitting at home.

Swanson said when the stepteam isn't competing, they're serving. As an act of community service, they teach younger generations the precision of stepping.

We're going to go to the elementary school perform and teach them how to step so when they get in high school they'll have an idea, said Tyler Doggett, a stepteam member.

The step program has been around at Garland High School for about ten years.. But, Swanson said this year has been the best group, yet.

Community service, scholastic excellence and good sportsmanship are mandates the teammates hold in high regard, which is why the group was chosen to be Our Neighbor.

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