DALLAS The black-and-white videotape of President and Mrs. Kennedy arriving at Dallas Love Field in November of 1963 has been viewed repeatedly since the day Channel 8 cameras captured the scene on that fateful day.

Bbut now, there is a color version, so crisp you can tell that the president is sporting a sun tan. It has not been seen by the general public until now.

Ward Warren shot the footage when he was just 14 years old, and he's been keeping it in a very safe place: On top of the grandfather clock in his North Dallas home

Warren recalls that all students had the day off from school, and since his dad owned a furniture store near Love Field, he took his 8 mm camera over and captured the joy before the tragedy.

I shook hands with the vice president, Warren recalled. The red, white and blue planes were breathtaking to a kid 14, a memory you never forget.

Warren donated his film to the Sixth Floor Museum, where the curator hopes it helps them get even more footage from that historic date.

There are at least 100 cameras that day because you can see them in the background, said Sixth Floor Museum curator Gary Mack. If some of those people are reminded how important it is to save these items, hopefully they will give us a call.

Warren seems disappointed the film won t definitively help solve the mystery of who killed President Kennedy. Instead, he captures some of the last smiles before the murder that changed America.


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