I just counted - there are 34 college football bowl games scheduled this year. The first one is just about to kick off - the New Mexico Bowl featuring Wyoming and Fresno State.

When the conversation turns to the bowl season, what's the first reaction you hear?Usually, it's some variation of There are way too many bowl games. My question is - who cares?If you aren't interested in the Little Caesars Bowl on December 26th (Ohio vs. Marshall), then don't watch. Every day there are too many games. I don't care about today's Sacramento-Milwaukee NBA game, or the hockey game betweenMinnesota and Ottawa. But I don't feel indignant that they are playing those games, despite my disinterest.

Here's what is good about bowl games:it gives every team playing in one another 3-6 weeks of practice. That practice time is so valuable to the coaches and their program. Back in 1999, when I was working in Shreveport, Oklahoma came to town for the Independence Bowl. It was Bob Stoops' first year. The following season, in 2000, the Sooners won the national title, and Stoops said that the extra few weeks of practice his team got leading up to the Independence Bowl of '99 was part of the reason why.

So while fans across the nation may not care about the GMACBowl(Troy vs. Central Michigan), their fans should, and their head coaches certainly do.

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