GRANBURY -- Go without rain for so long and it's almost hard to believe when it actually happens.

'It was great,' said John Petricca, a Lake Granbury homeowner. 'This is how it should be.'

The lake has risen six to seven feet in the past two weeks, according to data from the Brazos River Authority.

Like many of the homeowners, Petricca's dock is actually touching water for first time in almost two years. His view for that entire time was of a growing sandbar.

'People would play volleyball, look for coins,' he said with a laugh. 'It was crazy.'

The near-record low wasn't so funny across the water at the Lake Granbury Marina.

'Come Monday morning, it was just a blessing,' said Tanner Taff, whose family owns the marina.

Their gas pumps are finally working again. Tuesday, the restaurant experienced a record day.

'We're hoping for even better this weeked,' he said.

Many in town are preparing for a huge 4th of July weekend with the fireworks on Friday night.

'I bet there will be over 200 boats at that,' Petricca said.

The lake is still a good four to give feet below normal. Trees and high weeds are still visible at some spots, so boaters will need to use caution.


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