SAN ANTONIO -- A small aircraft experiencing gear problems successfully belly landed at San Antonio International airport just before 3 p.m. Tuesday. The four men in the plane were seen outside the plane high-fiving each other after the intense landing.


The small plane reported experiencing an apparent landing gear malfunction around 12:48 p.m. and burned off fuel before a landing attempt at San Antonio International Airport, a spokesperson confirmed to KENS 5 on Tuesday afternoon.

The left landing gear of the Beechcraft Bonanza experienced a technical problem, airport spokesperson Nora Castro said.

Video from Chopper 5 showed the pilot has making several low passes and cycling through landing gears in an apparent attempt to extend the left gear.

The plane is registered to Angel Brothers Aviation in Baytown, Texas. Angel brothers is a construction company that does a lot of work on roads and highways. The company confirmed it was their plane but that they did not know who the pilot was because he was probably a contractor filling in for their usual pilot.

The fuel for this type of aircraft is located in the wings, said commercial pilot Jeff Nelson. He also said the pilot needed to attempt to make the landing as smooth as possible to avoid burning through to the fuel and keep the passengers aboard safe.
After successfully executing a belly landing, the damaged aircraft was taken off the runway by a crane and transferred to a flatbed truck.

Hamid Afzal, a flight school instructor with Alpha Tango Flying Services, said 98 percent of the time when pilots attempt a belly landing, it is successful.

More than 17,000 of this type of plane have been built since 1947. The plane is a six-seat single- engine plane.
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