DALLAS-- The toll rates for the TEXpress lanes of Interstate 635 (LBJ) will now fluctuate depending on real-time traffic and speed.

The people behind TEXpress hope this will ease congestion along I-635 and help drivers get to where they're going faster.

Additional toll lanes have been added along LBJ from Preston to Greenville and are supposed to let drivers travel at 50 mph or faster -- even during rush hour.

The toll prices actually fluctuate depending on road conditions, time of day and traffic flow.

The toll prices will range from 10 cents to 25 cents per mile during periods of low traffic, and up to 45 cents to 75 cents per mile during rush hour and peak times.

Carpoolers can get a 50 percent discount if they register their trip ahead of time.

You can look up various routes online, but there's really no way to know exactly how much you'll pay to use the toll from day to day because it's constantly changing.

It should be interesting to see if traffic headaches along LBJ become a thing of the past.


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