FORTWORTH-- A man charged with 'firebombing' Senator Wendy Davis'Fort Worth office has been sentenced to seven years in prison, the Travis County Criminal District Attorney's Office said.

Cedric Carmond Steele, 42, pleaded guilty Monday to throwing a bag of Molotov cocktails at Sen. Davis' office door in March 2012. It started a fire, but an employee managed to extinguish it quickly and no one was injured. Senator Davis was not in her office at the time.

As part of his plea deal, Steele was sentenced to seven years in prison.

'As we do with all victims, I conferred with Senator Davis prior to taking this plea,' said Deputy Chief District Attorney Jack Strickland. 'Senator Davis was in agreement with the disposition of this case. I was especially concerned with the gravity of this offense, given the public's justifiable concern with attacks on and threats to public servants in this country.'

Steele's family previously told News 8 that he has a history of mental illness and has been in and out of homeless shelters.

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