DALLAS The use of tablets is on the rise in our everyday lives and now that technology is on dining tables.

Chili's Bar and Grill has partnered with Ziosk to change the dining out experience. The two North Texas-based companies have presented diners with the first ordering, entertaining and pay-at-the table touchscreen technology.

Ziosk has retro fitted 7' tablets specifically for Chili's. With this technology, customers can view and get a better description of menu items, order additional drinks, appetizers and desserts. There are apps, news and even games for children as well as adults.

Customers can even pay their bill and receive a paper receipt at the table or have it sent by email. While the tablet offers convenience, Chili's representatives say it does not replace the human experience that only great servers offer.

'The Ziosk is meant to partner with the server to make your experience great,' said Edithann Ramey, Chili's Vice President of Marketing, when asked about technology taking over the server's job. 'This is meant to make the experience great for the guest, by doing things like making it convenient for them.'

The construction of the tablet was the brainchild of Ziosk. The machine's base is light, but sturdy. There's a batter located on the bottom to anchor it down but also allow for easy movement around the table. The company thought the breakability of the tablet and the location or paper for receipts. The tablets are automatically disabled if removed from the restaurant.

Ziosk's CEO and president says security is of the utmost importance in building the right tablet for the restaurant, so precautions were set in place to protect sensitive information.

'No storage of credit card information,' said Austen Mulinder, Ziosk President and CEO. 'Your credit card never leaves your hand. This has the highest level of security authentication so there is no security risk to the guest.'

The Ziosk tablet is currently in many Chili's Restaurants across North Texas. By summer the restaurant plans to have the technology in 824 stores across the country.

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