WISE COUNTY -- A spare tire is about all that's left standing of an RV off County Road 1695 in Alvord.

Thursday morning, a fire erupted in that RV, killing two people. The trailer right next to it also partially caught fire.

'I heard the screen door open and my mom was screaming,' said next door neighbor Blake. His grandfather lives in the trailer. 'All I saw was smoke and an orange glow.'

The Wise County Fire Marshal's Office said a man and a woman died near the door inside that RV. A deputy said he can't say for sure who they were yet, but people tell us the couple living here were caretakers for the man who lived in the trailer home.

That 74-year-old man survived.

'Apparently our neighbor a couple doors down saw the fire, and they come rushing down and knocking on the door and actually went in there and got him up and out,' the survivor's son said. 'Thank goodness for them.'

That man's son lives just next door to where the fire happened. He's waiting, like everyone else, to find out what went wrong. If the people who perished are indeed the caretakers, he said they were 'good, honest, hard-working people.'

Officials say there's nothing concrete that points to foul play. They did find one space heater, but aren't sure if it was on.

'It's just a bit of a shock. It's a lot of a shock,' said Dustin, who's also a grandson of the survivor.

The bodies were taken to the medical examiner's office in Dallas for indentification.

These two fire fatalities make three for Wise County in the past two-and-a-half weeks, according to the Fire Marshal's Office.


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