McKINNEY The Collin County Courthouse was reopened about three hours after a caller phoned in a bomb threat to McKinney police Wednesday morning.

The Collin County Sheriff's Department is now asking the public to help identify the caller by his voice.

Lt. John Norton, a spokesman for the Collin County Sheriff's Department, said the call came in at 9 a.m. and the evacuation order was lifted at noon. In the meantime, all individuals inside the building, located at 4300 Community Ave. in McKinney, were ordered to leave.

'If you can let someone know that there are two bombs placed at the Collin County Courthouse,' the caller said. 'If all courts are not cancelled today, one will go off on the outside, one will go off on the inside. People will die today.'

You can listen to the caller in the video above.

The evacuation delayed trials, court hearings, and a wide array of county business.

'Bomb dogs were called in,' said county spokesman Tim Wyatt. 'They did a sweep and nothing was found.'

Collin County Sheriff's investigators say they are following several good leads. But they believe the 911 call is the best evidence they have, and if someone recognizes the voice on the tape, they could be closer to making an arrest.

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