PHOENIX Phoenix police said five people died Saturday in a shooting at a townhome complex near 17th Avenue and Hazelwood Street.

Witnesses reported seeing a man running around the complex randomly shooting at people.

One homeowner said the suspect banged on his door before firing two shots through the door.

'I ran upstairs and grabbed my kids and gun in case he broke down the door,' said the homeowner.

Phoenix police and SWAT quickly covered the neighborhood and began searching for the suspect. SWAT team members were able to determine that the man was in one of two homes.

Authorities eventually decided to enter one of the homes, which is when they found two people on the back patio who were dead from gunshot wounds.

Police then made an emergency entry into the home and found two more dead people inside.

Officers quickly raided the home next door and found that the suspect had shot and killed himself.

Police have yet to say what might have caused the shooting.

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