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ROCKWALL - It's going to be a scorching-hot holiday weekend in North Texas.

And, if you're headed to the lakes, you might encounter a situation like the one WFAA spotted earlier this week. Low water levels at Lake Ray Hubbard left a family stranded on a sandbar. The near record level heat and the drought have played a role in such incidents.

The banks of Lake Ray Hubbard have receded. For every foot the lake drops, the bank recedes another six to eight feet.

Texas game warden Martin Oviedo said she's worried about Labor Day weekend. In the last few weeks, he's rescued people on two boats that hit stumps.

"One was stuck and impaled on a stump and the other grazed it and knocked a large hole in the vessel," Oviedo said.

Oviedo took WFAA around the lake during his boat patrol to show hazards hidden within the water. More than five feet down, there are stumps everywhere.

"Stuff that was never an issue before us is now starting to emerge and impact boats," said the game warden.

The area around a jetty just west of Rockwall is usually the center of heavy boat traffic at Lake Ray Hubbard. Friday, it was dangerously shallow.

"This is an area where people typically run wide open and the lake has gotten this low," Oviedo said.

During the tour, the boat hit several submerged trees that were not visible. At an area known as "Party Cove," a popular place to anchor, the boat became stuck in the mud.

"The first thing they want to do is go fast across the water," Oviedo said. "And this is not the time to go fast in areas you don't know that well."

Up to six game wardens will be out on the lake this holiday weekend.


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