CARROLLTON A 16-year old boy saved the day when he pulled an eight-year-old from the bottom of a pool Sunday night in Carrollton.

My first thought was, 'Oh my gosh, he s dead!' said Jarrod Godbolt, the teen who made the rescue.

On Sunday evening, Jarrod was with his sister Jasmine at their apartment complex pool when she noticed a shape at the bottom.

And I was like, 'Well, get him out!' You could tell it was a person at the very bottom, Jasmine Godbolt said.

When Jarrod jumped in, he saw it was eight-year-old Chance Okafor, his neighbor.

His eyes were open.His tongue was out.He was laying on his side at the bottom of the pool. At the very bottom, Jarrod said.

Jarrod pulled the boy up and rolled him onto the deck. He attempted to administer CPR without having had any lessons in the technique.

I didn t know what I was doing, honestly, he confessed.

Another neighbor, who did know what she was doing, took over administering CPR and slowly brought the boy back to life.

I was very proud of him.It took a lot to do that and experience something like that, said sister Jasmine.

And what did Jarrod learn?

I need to learn CPR... the correct and professional CPR, he said.

And now he s got a great answer when his teachers ask him what he did over the summer.


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