A childhood pastime is making a comeback among adults: the hula hoop, a fitness craze bringing results for those who want to sculpt their body and shed some pounds.

Geri McNiece owns The Hoop Shack, where some serious hooping takes place.McNiece teaches hula hoop classes for men and women of all ages.

It's a low impact, high cardio workout.

You will lose weight and you will tone said Hoop Shack Instructor Geri McNeice.

Kelly Osbourne said she recently lost 70 pounds hula hooping.While that much weight loss is not typical of most people,hula hooping will help you get fit.

It is an excellent workout. I think I lost two inches the first month I was doing it, said 55-year old Karen Foster.

I ve noticed that there is a little less love in my handles, said Eric Uzelac, who also uses the.

Hula hooping helps tighten abdominal, leg and back muscles; it improves posture, and when you go off waist, it can sculpt your upper body, too.

I have never had these biceps like this,. they are great said Foster.

Class members say hula hooping brings back childhood memories. Plus, it's a fun way to burn calories that many say doesn't really feel like exercise.

It is a good workout. But it is the most fun. Ii've never had a workout that I've enjoyed and kept up with, but this is so fun. Said 70-year-old Lin Warren.

Sheila Johnston-Conte agrees, saying, For me it is a totally Zen experience. I really enjoy being in the hoop, I leave all my worries behind.


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