It was a frightening moment for one North Texas motorist when stunt bikers harassed her at high speeds over the weekend.

Leann Schmitt's car sustained minor damage when a pair of reckless sport bike riders punched it off while buzzing her new BMW on Highway 121 in Lewisville.

But what really bothered her was how she got passed around from police department to police department with no one, she says, seemingly willing to help her.

Antagonistic, angry, kind of basically, is how she described the responses she received.

Schmitt, with her husband behind the wheel, followed the riders and called Lewisville 911. They suggested she file a report.

I said, 'No, I want an officer to come and stop these guys.'

But with Schmitt still following the bikers and leaving Lewisville's jurisdiction, her call was transfered to Frisco.

Frisco's dispatcher suggested she file a report.

Still following the motorcyclists, Schmitt was again transferred to the North Texas Tollway Authority, which, in turn, forwarded the call to the Department of Public Safety.

She finally pulled off and met up with a state trooper, who later called and referred her back to the local police, saying he could not write a report. Why?

That's not going to be a crash; that's going to be criminal mischief, the trooper said in the voicemail.

Lewisville police Capt. Jay Powell said it is often unsafe to chase a sport biker, and difficult to make a case when their faces are concealed by helmets and their license plates are removed.

If we are to identify suspects who have committed some crime, then something can be done, Powell said.

He suggested that Schmitt come in to finally file that report. That doesn't, however, ease her frustration in dealing with law enforcement.

I get no help. There's no one there to help you, she said. They don't want to deal with these people. They're basically doing what they want to and getting away with it.


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