PLANO Lauren Scruggs is a stranger to some and a friend to many.

But regardless of how people came to know the 23-year-old woman, supporters turned out at a fundraiser Tuesday night to let her know she has not been forgotten.

Scruggs is the aspiring online fashion editor who was seriously injured after walking into an airplane propeller earlier this month.

As she faces her very long recovery, friends and family members came together Tuesday to raise money for her rising medical bills.

Like everyone else, Diane and I had been following it on the news, and we were like, 'What can we do? What can we do?' and Diane said, 'Lisa: Do an event for Lauren.'

So Lisa Kindell helped organize the first public fundraiser to benefit Lauren Scruggs at Sambuca 360 in Plano. Dozens contributed cash for her recovery.

The fashion blogger's family said she is healing well considering she has lost an eye and a hand.

She is doing remarkably well thanks to what God is doing in her life, said family friend Janee Harrell. But she does have a long road, and it's hard to know what those needs are until we get to the next big obstacle.

Scruggs has been riding a stationary bike during therapy, and even asking for organic food while recovering.

Lo is making remarkable strides! her mother wrote on the family's blog Monday. She is talking of what happened, and very quickly recognizes that God has purpose for it all. She wants to use it for Him, and use it boldly to glorify Him.

The deep faith of the Scruggs family is what motivated people to donate for her recovery.

I think their faith hasn't been shaken because of this tragedy and I think that's a huge deal, Harrell said. I think that's why it grabbed most of the nation.

The family said it is planning its own fundraising event soon. Although Lauren Scruggs does have insurance, it doesn't cover everything and friends expect her medical bills to easily reach six figures.


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