Since an incredible moment when Tara and Todd Storch heard their daughter's heart beating in the body of a transplant recipient, they have connected with four out of five people who received organs from Taylor.

Ashley, a 19-year-old special needs child from South Dakota, is one of those recipients.

Ashley woke up from her surgery, looked up at her mom, and said I have to go to Texas. Her mom said well, sweetie, there is no reason to go to Texas, and she just would not let it go. About three weeks later her mom received my letter, said Tara.

A letter that said a Texas teenager donated her corneas to give Ashley eyesight. Taylor Storch, 13, died in a skiing accident in March 2010.

People ask if it gives me peace to connect with people who have Taylor's organs. We say it doesn't give me peace, cause we lost our daughter, but it gives us strength, so much strength, Tara said.

When Taylor's foundation started, 600,000 Texans were registered organ donors.
Now, a year in a half later, it's 2.1 million. A big jump.

There are a lot of reasons for that, but we know a lot of the impact we're having is helping people make their decisions. So if they go to the DMV, they say yes, said Todd.

It's not like we can leave this job at 5, it's always with us, said Tara.

I've never worked harder in my life, but it's wonderful, Todd said. And we see God and Taylor's fingerprints all over it, everyday.

Patricia, the woman who received Taylor's heart, is practically a sister now. She also travels around sharing her story of organ donation.

When she speaks she never takes notes, because I always speak from the heart, Taylor's heart, Tara said.

The Storchs have two other children and they say the foundation work has helped move them forward.


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