I hope you've been watching Jim Douglas' series of stories on adverse possession. It is a part of Texas law and it threatens the private property of every Texan, when used the way some people are using it in Mansfield.

It's this week's Uncut commentary.

Jim discovered 60 cases of people showing up at the Tarrant County Clerk's office, paying $16, and taking over someone else's home. Just $16.

It happened at one house on the corner of Saint Mark and Saint Matthew in Mansfield. When the owner tried to have the occupant evicted, an attorney blocked it.

Police records indicate Minister Anthony Brown moved into his neighbor's house when she left on a business trip. He changed the locks and offered to give her own house back... for $2,000.

He told police he's the new owner, also claiming adverse possession. He's now out on bond for burglary.

On the web site of Minister Brown's Arlington Church, they quote the eleventh chapter of Hebrews. First verse: Faith is the substance of things hoped for... the evidence of things not seen.

Something tells me it doesn't mean you should strive to be part of the something for nothing crowd. You know, those folks, the saying goes, who miss opportunity because it always shows up wearing overalls and requires some hard work.

They found a quirk in the law - Caesar's law you could say - and they're using Caesar's law to seize property.

That may make it legal for now. It doesn't make it right.

Private property is a sacred thing; a bedrock principle. Any threat to the possession of it threatens everybody's property... Including yours.

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