SOUTHLAKE -- Conservative commentator Glenn Beck could learn Thursday whether he will get to convert a former 60,774 square foot church into a media headquarters in Southlake.

Beck's production company submitted an application for a zoning change where the former Gateway Church now sits on Southlake Boulevard.

Beck will have to meet with the zoning board to clear the first hurdle in order to take over the compound.

People living nearby are divided by the possibility of turning the church into Mercury Radio Arts national broadcast headquarters.

There is concern over security at the facility during broadcast. The plans call for a live audience inside a structure that holds up to 1,800 people at a time.

Beck has leased a home in nearby Westlake with hopes the process will go smoothly.

The city of Southlake has considered buying the building to convert it into a multi-purpose center for performing arts and recreation.

The proposal will be discussed at Town Hall in the 1400 block of Main Street at 7 p.m.


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