DALLAS While the Mavericks found a way to beat the Heat on Sunday night, several Dallas fans weren't as lucky on Monday morning.

Some fans passed out while waiting for the team to return home at Dallas Love Field. Paramedics had to treat several people for heat exhaustion.

One elderly woman couldn't withstand the temperature, which was 92 degrees just before noon.

Daria Watkins, 13, held her head in her hands clearly overcome by high temperatures as paramedics tried to help her.

She has bad asthma and fell out over there, said the girl's mother, Toya Watkins.

The heat wouldn't keep the young Mavs fan from trying to catch a glimpse of her heroes. She had to be here, Daria's mom said. We've been here all morning waiting on Dirk and Ty Chandler.

People did try to stay cool by finding shelter under trees or umbrellas while parents fanned their children.

John Leniham poured water over his head to keep his cool. Volunteers handed out water while Dallas police tried to help by throwing water bottles over the airport fence as fans waited.

It's estimated that more than 2,000 fans endured the heat to welcome home the new world champions.

Daria Watkins said that even though she got sick, taking a picture of Dirk Nowitzki and seeing the rest of the Mavs made it all worth it. She lifted her head out of her hands and gave News 8 a big smile and said, Go Mavs!


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