Do you buy way more than you need? Maybe it's time for a shopping diet. Laura Thornquist gives some insider savings tips and a great way to save on what you really need, especially if it's time to update your wardrobe.

If you find yourself running into the supermarket or the mall for just one thing and come out with a shopping cart full of stuff, or you buy every deal you see online, you may need some advice.

First, shop with a goal, know what you need and stick to it. Stop and think for a minute; do you really love or need it or can you live without it? Finally, approach sales rationally. Before buying something on sale, ask yourself if you would buy it if wasn't on sale?

Okay, so once you decide what you need, it's time to find it at a good price.

I talk about warehouse sales, and I often wait for them to stock up on the latest trends and styles. That's how I can afford to keep a closet up to date and justify it with the hubby.

Well, here it is, the big one. Sharon Young is having its Spring Goods Warehouse Sale with 15,000 pieces of high-end ladies apparel for sale at really low prices from $50 and below.

I took my mom there and treated her for Mother's Day; and yes, I couldn't resist treating myself just a bit too. It starts Thursday and runs through Saturday. It's located at the Sharon Young corporate office on Brockwood Road in Dallas. Park in the back and you will find the entrance.

They also have a couple of new lines you'll want to check out.

Finally, there are a couple of freebies.

Take mom to TCBY on Sunday, Mother's Day, for a free yogurt treat and get a free Arby's roast beef sandwich when you sign up for Arby's Extra's program. Your free sandwich offer will arrive in your e-mail inbox.

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