Dinner for Schmucks is an odd, sometimes funny, mostly mean-spirited comedy, starring Paul Rudd as Tim, an insecure, social-climbing, business executive, invited to an upper-level dinner party.

The executives are required to bring a guest, and the guest must be an idiot. Enter Barry, an IRS agent, played by Steve Carell.

Dinner for Schmucks never really gets to the dinner, until the very end. It spends most of the film trying tor exploit the uncomfortableness between the two men, leading up to the dinner.

Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick explored the same idea much better in Cable Guy. One minute Dinner for Schmucks is random and flat, the next minute it's funny.

Dinner for Schmucks is sloppily directed by Jay Roach and is based on the popular late 90's French farce, Le Diner de Cons. Carell and Rudd have worked a lot together before, but unfortunately this is only half of a movie. A PG-13 comedy based on the upper class humiliating the lower class.


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