Today's Our Neighbor is a team of fourth graders who used their love of reading to buy someone a leg.

Not only did these fourth graders raise money, they raised awareness of the miracles that can happen when a community comes together.

The fourth graders at Parish Episcopal School in Dallas have spent their entire school year reading a lot of books.

I really like to read so I was like, hey, this is a good opportunity, said student Grace Olson.

The entire fourth-grade class read books to raise money for Scottish Rite Hospital after they saw video of Reid Lemons.

Reid is a patient at Scottish Rite who has helped his family raise thousands of dollars to help other children afford prosthetics.

If they're poor, then they don't have to give all their money to buy one prosthetic, he said.

Our goal was to buy a leg. That was the way we pitched it. Because of Reid we learned how quickly these little guys and girls grow out of their prosthetics, said the teacher in charge of the project.

The students got family, teachers and friends to sponsor each book they read. Some kids read up to 75 books, which helped with the grand total.

They raised $6,545.53.

Not only did they raise money but awareness, proving that readers are leaders. That's why we name the fourth graders at Parish Episcopal School, Our Neighbor.

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