IRVING, TX - Former Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach, who is the chairman for Super Bowl XLV in Arlington, says the host the committee for North Texas has already set its sights trying to land Super Bowl 50.

But first, NFL owners want to see how North Texas handles Super Bowl XLV.

They have to do all the thing they said they would do, says Falcons owner Arthur Blank. I'm sure they will do a spectacular job supporting the teams that are here competing.If that takes place, then they will probably be in line for additional votes in the future, but the super bowl is a very competitive process.

Everything that the Jones family does is pretty special and I think if it's a great experience you'll have a leg up on having it happen again, says Robert Craft, owner of the Patriots.

The North Texas Super Bowl committee won't be able to make a bid on another super bowl until they've hosted their first, but eight months after Super bowl 45 is when they will receive the specifications for what's expected for Super Bowl L.

Initially we had to say we're going to do and now we don't ever have to say again, we're going to do, says Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. The most impressive thing about this super bowl in north Texas will be the effort of North Texas and how they've come together to put our best foot forward.

If super bowlXLVturns out the way everyone expects it to, the hope is for North Texas to become a part of the super bowl rotation.

There is no formal rotation but if they do a good job this year and people have a good experience here, I have no reason to think that they can't attract a future super bowl, says John Mara, co-owner of the Giants who helped New York/New Jersey land Super Bowl XLVIII.

The big deal will come in two years when Super Bowl L is awarded and the North Texas Committee is hoping to bring that event to Texas as well. Yes it would be a big deal and I m sure there will be a lot of competition for that, Mara says.
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